Blogger Tips

Being a designer and friends of designers, the consensus is simple.
We put a lot of work and time into creating our products.
We want to see our products that you blog.
Be it, front and center, big, split screen, etc.
So here's a few tips that we hope will help you succeed
as a sponsored blogger within the Second Life community.

     • Upload images at 3000x2133 or higher; constraining the same ratio.
                   By doing so, those viewing your image can zoom 
                   in on your image and get an even closer look.
                   Viewers will be able to see quality and detail 
                   in the overall image.

     • Link your sponsors Flickr photo stream that your are blogging, in your image description.
                   By doing so, those viewing your image can easily
                   go to and follow your sponsors if they like what they see.
                   This helps out the sponsor,
                   which is ultimately what you are doing.

     • Due to Flickr's recent changes, other than linking a brand's Flickr, link your blog, nothing else.
                   This is you being cautious, account with links to
                   SLURL's and Marketplace in images are being flagged.
                   Don't get caught up in the red tape.
                   Your blog posts should include SLURL's for events
                   and SLURL's to sponsors stores in-world.
                   Link everything mentioned using the brand's name.
                   If it's at an event, link the event SLURL!

     • Mention everything in the image you are wearing. (unless you are a decor blogger)
                   Don't be stingy and unwilling to share!
                   Don't pick and choose who and what to mention.
                   You may be blogging nails or shoes and I may like
                   that dress you're wearing.
                   If the item is a limited item in a past event
                   and it's no longer available, say so.
                   Even if you wear the same hair, skin, head, body, etc
                   in a previous post, mention it in every post.
                   I can't stress it enough
                   SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

     • If you blog cosmetics or nails or jewelry, show it off!
                   Close up images of these types of items for your sponsors
                   and all brands within the Second Life community
                   are extremely important.
                   Consumers love to see details and quality.
                   If your image makes me squint to the lipstick, eyes or nails,
                   I would just as well close out the image all together
                   and have no interest in the product or brand in some cases.



You represent your sponsors in such a big way 
and if you use these few tips to showcase the items
and present the items, that will tell viewers that you truly do care.
Don't be afraid to take the extra 10-15 minutes to do these things.
Your sponsor will appreciate your work and time.
Your followers will appreciate your work and time.
Your friends, family and fans will appreciate your work and time.
And in the end, other brands will notice you 
and want you to blog for them too.

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