Blogger Information

Rules + Terms

• Must blog ONE item per week. More is greatly appreciated but not required.

• Blog posts must be submitted to the blogotex form for it to be counted as a post.

• Blog post must contain the SLURL to the Main Store.

• If the item is in an event the post must contain the SLURL to the event and the Main Store, only if the event is currently open.

• Picture must be of good quality and show an extreme close-up of the item being blogged. If we can't see it clearly, it doesn't count!

• Minimum of 3 months experience blogging consistently.

The rules are pretty simple. Everything should run smoothly and be little to no stress for all of us. If you agree to these rules and terms and meet the minimum requirement then please proceed to the application process! Teleport to the main store [url] and locate the Blogotex access point just inside the door, look left!


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