KOSMETIK Closing Sale Details

As some of you may already know by reading things, or seeing things, or even by hearing through word-of-mouth, KOSMETIK is closing it's doors in-world on December 01, 2019. Now, I am unsure if this may be permanent but as it is at this moment, I can not maintain, create, and provide customer support like I used to be able to. My inability to do these things is unfair to the lot of you all.

If you wish to read more about who, why, what, where and how come?
Check out this post, previously posted by yours truly:

With that being said, let's get right down to the nitty gritty of details to learn of how I am celebrating this time and how I am showing my appreciation to all of you, your loyalty, your inspirations, your encouragement, your understanding, your kind words, your devotion and dedicated time to help the KOSMETIK brand be successful, and most importantly, your lasting forever friendships.

The easy way to do it is to set the store on sale to a certain percentage off of everything KOSMETIK.
So, on November 1st, you may find an item you have been wanting for a much cheaper price.
Acquiring future credits will be disabled, however, past credits and gift cards are encouraged to be used during this month. Gifting capabilities are also encouraged. Share some love of these sales with friends alike. 

So, what's the exciting part? I want you all to keep an eye out and keep checking for random items that will be set to go on a larger scale sale, or may even be free for a day,  or may simply be merely purchased for the amount of the date in lindens. So, for example, November 13th, would only be 13L$, so on and so forth.

Don't miss this opportunity!
Join the .kosmetik group, it's now free to join.

- with much love and respect -
Merredyth - x o ♥
KOSMETIK Owner + Creator

*Note that on December 1st, the physical space within the grid will no longer be available. No redelivery will be available as it is right now, I will provide fixes to anything I may have messed up but considering my physical capabilities or lack thereof, I only ask that you please be patient with me.
After December 1st, all KOSMETIK items will remain on Marketplace at full price.

Thank you all, once again!


Owner of .kosmetik

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