A Little Note from Merredyth

Hello, everyone. 

Bear with me while I hesitantly write this with a heavy heart. As a creator in Second Life, I always created as a means to escape the stresses of life in the real world. I never created for fame or greed within Second Life. I just wanted to share my love of colors, designs, patterns, imagination, et cetera. Needless to say, in 2016, KOSMETIK was born and what a beautiful journey it has been.

A few years ago my health began to deteriorate, slowly and painfully. So, so many blood labs and tests and many, many, many doctors visits finally resulted in the diagnosis of Severe Lyme Disease in June of 2019, and with this diagnosis came a plan of managing my health to become at least 90% recovered. Since December of 2018 I began a long journey of struggling to meet deadlines and to release new creations in the store. Little did I know, this disease was going to take a bigger toll on my body, even so to current date. Luckily, I reduced my ongoing events down to two, The Makeover Room and TWE12VE. In recent months, I tried to push myself to add a few more here and there, The Underdog Event, AnyBODY, The Trunk Show, Sense Event; and ultimately, I found myself in the same situation, down to the wire setting up and brain fog causing me to make the simplest of mistakes. While I can correct those mistakes, my tardiness is unfair to consumers, event organizers, my staff, bloggers, and ultimately, myself. My condition made it hard on me to create and put out more creations for store releases for bloggers to keep up with the one a week rule.

So, without going into dire detail, this is my farewell to all of you. I want you all to know how appreciated you truly are to partake in my creative adventure within Second Life. On December 01, 2019, KOSMETIK will close its doors in-world and will no longer be involved in any events. All of the items that are already on Marketplace will remain there. Due to giving up my physical location within Second Life, there will not be a redelivery terminal available. So please, hit up that redelivery from now 'til the shop closes. If you have a gift card or store credit, please use it before the doors close. I will not honor store credit and gift card exchanges for lindens.

Now, in November 2019, everything in the store will be 50%-75% off. So, keep on the lookout for that notice of sale. My last event that I will partake in will be TWE12VE and when that events end, I will put the item up on Marketplace.

A special note to my staff...

I want you all to know that you have become my family within this brand and outside of the brand.
You all understood me more than I thought anyone in the game ever could. You understood my love for creating and my lack of love for everything else it takes to run a business within Second Life. You understood my quietness and never put any pressure or expectation on me to be someone other than who I am. Savaliya, Medow, Kimmi, you three have been the backbone to the KOSMETIK brand and I cannot thank you all enough for your hard work. If it wasn't for the three of you, I would have probably closed up shop long ago because my struggle would have truly been a lot worse than what it is now. You three have some amazing talents and I hope that you all prosper and share your skills with other brands to help them prosper and flourish.

A special note to my bloggers...

All of you lovely ladies are so very talented and it has been my honor, and Medows too, to see you bring the KOSMETIK brand to life in your creations. Some of you have been with us since the very beginning and I cannot thank you enough for the silent pushes to keep me moving forward. I hope you all know that I appreciate everything you have done for KOSMETIK and for myself. Thank you so very, very much.

A special note to my event organizers...

I feel like the two events I always kept on board are like a close knit family of mine and I am sad to let my occupancy in these events cease to exist. However, sadly I must. Thank you all, past and present, for giving me a chance to share my creations in your events. I will still be there, just shopping like a crazed person to show my support for organizers and creators.

Thank you and I love you all, from the bottom of my heart.
- Merr xo♥


Owner of .kosmetik


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  2. I'm so sorry Merredyth to hear you are going through all this. Please look after yourself. Your health is and should be your number 1 priority. I have thoroughly LOVED your creations and am and always will be a big fan! Thank you for all you have contributed to the SL community: the wonderful hidden items at your hunts, the fabulous group gifts over the years etc. Be well and take care! Kisses & a big bear hug from a big fan, joannavou